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How to Make Kefir Milk Step by Step


Steps to Make Milk Kefir

Milk kefir is fermented with kefir grains in a pasteurized milk of animals such as cow, goat, and sheep, we strongly discourage the use of UHT milk or Ultra pasteurized.  

Supplies You Need

  • A non-metal stirring utensil
  • A glass jar
  • A rubber band
  • A plastic strainer 
  • A breathable cover for the jar 



  1. Pour active kefir grains into a glass jar with up to 4 cups of fresh milk.
  2. Cover with a coffee filter or butter muslin or cheesecloth with a rubber band or jar ring.
  3. To start fermentation, place this jar in a room temperature at 68°-85°F to culture.
  4. Until the milk is slightly thickened and aromatized. This should take 12-24 hours, but this time can be varies may depends upon amount of milk and room temperatures.
  5. Strain the kefir grains from the milk, and place in a new batch of milk or you can also store the grains using our simple instructions
  6. Keep the kefir milk in the refrigerator and consume within two days. As time past, its taste become more tangy. 

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