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Tip to Grow Kefir Grains

Milk Source

Milk kefir can also be produced from soy milk and coconut milk. However, it is advised to keep them in regular pasteurized milk at least once in a week to keep the culture alive.

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Use a glass container with wide neck, so it can be easily washed, Instead of cap. We allow the culture to breath so it is better to use cheese cloth tied with rubber band.

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You can use pasteurized milk either of refrigerated or at room temperature , but should never use hot milk. If the surrounding temperature is cold, you can wrap your jar with a towel or put a cloth under the jar to let culture have enough heat to start fermentation.

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Avoid Sunlight

Keep the container away from direct sunlight. You can place it in your room or in your kitchen counter or cabinet or in your oven.

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if you have another yeast product in your kitchen, make sure to keep a distance of at least 2-3 meters. Otherwise there may be a bacteria / fungus crossover

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As more kefir grains kept inside milk and your milk gets darker, and after complete fermentation it turns thick , then it is ready to filter. When you leave it for any longer period, you may find water get separated and it is visible through the jar. It is the time you quickly react and change the milk. over fermentation for longer period also kills your kefir grains, you should be cautious if you see any mold.

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Perfect Strainer

Any plastic strainer with optimal holes is perfectly fine to strain your kefir. DONOT USE METAL STRAINER.

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Avoid Rinse of Kefir Grains

After straining kefir grains do not rinse with water, put it in milk as it is.

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Fermentation Time

It usually take 24h to ferment the milk depending on the temperature. As the temperature increases, the fermentation time will be shorter and will decrease as it decreases. cool and dark places are places are recommended in hot weather in summer, ferment in a relatively warm environment in winter. also keep it away from vibrations.


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