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kefir around the world

Kefir Around the World

From many years, Kefir have been used all around the world. due to the fact that it has health promoting bacteria. It has gained huge popularity. These days. kefir products are being produced commercially. The make-up of the kefir grains can be vary depending on the location and conditions, it also means that community of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts can be highly variable in batches of kefir cultured products in many places. Following information is extracted from scientific study to check microorganism diversity in different regions.

Excerpt From Scientific Study

“Kefir, the traditional beverage, is now recognized as a potential source of probiotics and molecules with highly interesting healthy properties. The careful and detailed characterization of kefir composition has helped the scientific community to find new possibilities for its application. Kefiran, the EPS of kefir, has very important physicochemical and rheological properties. Besides, its biological properties suggest its use as antioxidant, antitumor agent, antimicrobial agent, and immunomodulator, among other roles. Research is constantly being conducted to consolidate kefir and kefiran properties for the development of new important products to preserve consumer’s health.” –  Study Link



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