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We are humbly launching Kefir.pk. We provide probiotics cultures like Milk Kefir, Water Kefir, Kombucha, and Greek Yogurt. We are also selling instant drink products such as Kefir Milk, Coconut Kefir, and Greek Yogurt.  


In the year 2016, We have started with “Kefir In Karachi”, a Facebook page to educate people about the importance of probiotic supplements, a year later we decided to help the community with a commercial service to sell these kefir grains. All our strive is to provide you premium quality kefir grains without the risk of any contamination.

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Many of you may unaware of Kefir. Kefir is a cultured, fermented beverage that tastes like yogurt which is made using Kefir grains. It is a rich probiotic drink that helps you improve your gut health by colonizing it with friendly bacteria. It is efficient than yogurt culture due to its probiotic strength which is 4 times higher. So, if you use Kefir in your daily meal how wonder is that you still get all the benefit of yogurt plus a powerhouse of microbes that can be beneficial for you to recover from many intestinal issues.



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