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Kombucha Vinegar Uses

Uses of Kombucha Vinegar

When you do not consume the kombucha tea in its normal time and keep it on a prolonged fermentation. After 5-6 weeks, bacteria increases the acidity of kombucha tea, and sugar are thoroughly consumed by bacteria, and your kombucha tea is now vinegared.

From ages, vinegar is produced from nearly all sugar-containing fruits and rice. But in the case of Kombucha vinegar, Bacteria inside SCOBY consume sugar, alcohol and other healthy acids thus produce vinegar.

Kombucha vinegar will give better results than homemade vinegar, because the acid ratio is lower and less dense, and gluconic acid, which is not in ordinary vinegar will be better for your skin and you. Besides, kombucha vinegar is both inexpensive and takes away a lot of trouble to make to compare with homemade vinegar.

Some of the uses, where kombucha vinegar can be used.

Marinate Chicken

You will get delicious chicken if you marinate the meat and chicken with kombucha vinegar, olive oil, and spices.

Salad Dressing

Normal vinegar is too sharp, but the Kombucha vinegar is less sharp. You can try it instead of vinegar in the desired salad dressing.

Shining Hair and Anti Dandruff

It is the secret of many celebrities using a natural vinegar hair rinse to clean the residue of artificial products. The acetic acid cuts through the greasiness, remove the dull hair and returns a natural sheen. Kombucha is gentler than ordinary vinegar. Kombucha is also used as a hair boost stimulant after every shampoo.

After rinsing out the shampoo, You can rinse your hair with Kombucha vinegar and adding the same amount of water on it. Then wash and rinse your hair. we apply this Kombucha hair tonic straight to the scalp, starting with the top of my head and working down, squeezing out the excess and rinsing lightly.

It will not only polishes hair but also removes dandruff., then rinse with Kombucha vinegar and dry the excess with a towel.  Then comb your hair and it will be easily combed without the need for cream. 

As a Face Tonic

Sensitive skin should use kombucha vinegar diluted with water and other skins may use without dilution. It is a natural cleanser to remove acne and blackheads on the skin. Always try it on your hand first and then apply it to your face. It is also beneficial to remove sunspots. Moreover, those who drink the kombucha tea regularly will notice that their skin is also beautiful inside and acne disappears.


Laundry Softener

Put it in the softener compartment of the washing machine and try it. You can get rid of the softener cost. You have a natural alternative that works evenly perfect without exposing yourself to chemicals.

Natural Insect War

Spray boiler vinegar on the way of the ant and where they come. Also, If you comb your kids’ hair with the help of a thin wooden comb with the kombucha vinegar, you will both prevent the lice from coming and beautify their hair.

Water Flowering

If you have hard water to use it on plants. It can damage your flowers. If you water them mixed with vinegar, you will maintain the acid balance.

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